Exhibitor/Food Sites

No major open air event would be complete without an arena filled with dozens, or perhaps hundreds of Market Stalls offering a wide variety of really interesting products together with a host of produce. The whole of the Rodney District, stretching from Huapai to Matakana is well known for the diversity of wines, craft beers, honey, nuts and fruit.

Also featured will be clothing, hats, leather, jewellery, sun glasses, retro clothing and a host of other stalls.

And then there are the stalls featuring arts and craft ware of every shape, size and taste. A huge range of memorabilia will also be on show.

The Auckland Region is well known for the large number of weekend markets and the huge number of stalls, many of whom will also be at this event.

TRADE EXHIBITORS – “Early Bird” booking ALERT!

We are forecasting a really good number of attendees to this unique event – and as the programme duration is nearly 8 hours of “jam packed” excitement, there will perhaps be a record set, at the cash registers for Trade Exhibitors!!!

“Food and Beverage” will be in extraordinarily high demand – as will be the interest in Craft and other Product and Service suppliers.

Our event attendees, will be from the 3.5 million people residing in the Auckland Province and beyond who will be entertained with a massive performance Air Racing, Air Show, Power Boat Racing together with other very creative and wild entertainment!

We are offering HUGE “early bird” booking incentives, at this iconic event! – don’t miss out! Book NOW!

The “tide is turning” to REAL PROFITABILITY for our stall holder Partners, at this Beach Carnival!

CRAFT and PRODUCT/SERVICE EXHIBITORS – Applications are available NOW

FOOD and BEVERAGE EXHIBITORS – Applications are available NOW

Thank you for your Most Valued interest.